Stolen Portraits

London Fields, London 2012

London Fields, London 2012

Sometimes an image can be stolen from his owner… And this is exactly what I did; I tried to catch people unaware, like a thief. Armed of my camera I have been hunting for pictures as a “solitary walker reconnoitering, stalking, and cruising the urban inferno… ”And I found beauty in the ordinary, ritual and trivial.  As Susan Sontag writes: “A camera can be a predatory weapon”, in fact there is something predatory in the act of taking picture,”…to photograph people is to violate them by seeing them as they never have”. That is why I trapped my subjects out off guard: there is something in people’s faces when they don’t know they are being observed that never appears when they do, something that stimulate our imagination to make our own story…  Inspired by masters as Atget, Sander, Hine , Frank, Evans, Lange , Friedlander and Doisneau ,   I tried to capture “day after day, the ordinary gestures of ordinary people in ordinary situations”. Bored, sleepy, thoughtful or even upset faces…unstaged truths, unposed slices of time.


London 2012
London , Paris, Seville, markets, streets, crossroads, on trains, buses, tube… I looked for natural frames to compose my portraits, spying humanity through the viewfinder and, once in a while, being caught by another eyeball staring back at me. I used both digital and film. From an initial series of 24 photos, like the number of poses in film roll, the project went further becoming a continuous work in progress.
As a sublimation of a gun, the camera turns people into objects that can be symbolically possessed. Therefore I have collected people, shot after shot. As a tourist in other people’s reality, here is my personal journey …Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Stolen Portraits

  1. Incredible images. I love the way you have framed the subjects, especially through the use of the car windows – it is really something special. When can we visit an exhibition of these artworks? They are truly inspiring….Marianne x

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