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Stella Grasso
London based Photographer
Btec National Diploma in Photography at  KCC
Solo Exhibition – GT Italian Art Exhibition – Gt Land Plaza Guangzhou, China Nov – Dec 2015
CEAC (Chinese European Art Centre) Artistic Residency – Xiamen, China June 2015
Rhizome’003 Liberty – St John on Bethnal Green , London 2015
Roots / Leaves – Galerie im Erd und Feuer , Berlin 2014
Capture – Camden Image Gallery, London 2014
Exposed – Kensington & Chelsea College,  London 2013
LoopArt13  – THE FAIRCHARM, Deptford, London 2013
tel : +44(0)7767361394

2 thoughts on “contact & more

  1. Hi Stella, we met a few weeks ago at Islington antique market, I bought this cool tribal necklace and hand-made belt from you. If you travel via Paris, shout out and we’ll connect, lovely portfolio work in progress, love it, impressive!

    • Thank you Caroline! It was lovely to meet you. I am planning to go back to Paris for Paris Photo this autumn, I will let you know for sure 🙂 Hope to see you there then !

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