I stood in a corner, invisible, to catch reflections.Using the mirror as an open window overlooking someone ’s personal space, exploring the concept of identity.mirror-  valla1
Left is Right , Right is Left…the mirror lies and we unconsciously trust it. Our moment with the mirror is private, intimate, almost inaccessible to others as inaccessible is for us the image that the others have of ourselves. We will never know how we appear to another person’s eye… The picture that we know is the one reflected , and it changes from mirror to mirror, from liar to liar. So we get confused, we don’t really know how we are .We finally accept to believe in one lie that become the true for us, in our space, our habitat, where we experience ourselves and we finally recognise that reversed image as the most trustful and real : it’s us. In that moment,  in which our eyeballs cross their view to meet each other, we are there face to face with the self and our perception of how we are puzzles with the awareness of who we are.



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